7 Aum Arivu 2011 Full Movie Download in Hindi Tamil 480p WEBRip

Bodhidharma, a master of martial arts and clinical remedies, is the son of a awesome Tamil king of the Pallava dynasty. He is despatched to China via his guru, who requests him to stop the unfold of a plague existing there from spreading to India. Initially, the Chinese treat him as an inferior.

7 Aum Arivu 2011 Full Movie Download in Hindi Tamil 480p WEBRip

7 Aum Arivu Movie Download in Hindi 480p

Size: 600mb
Language: Hindi + Tamil
Quality : WEBRip
Release date: 25 October 2011 (India)
Director: A.R. Murugadoss
Distributed by: Red Giant Movies

However, whilst he treatment plans a little lady infected via the sickness and defeats people who ill-treated the villagers, the Chinese then began to respect and worship him. He starts offevolved to train them the way to therapy many diseases, the talents of hypnotism, and the bodily education of the Shaolin clergymen that brought about the introduction of Shaolinquan. After several years, while he expresses his choice to return to India, the villagers plot to poison him and bury him near the temple, believing that their village might be freed from illnesses if he’s buried there. Bodhidharma concurs to die and subsequently becomes a essential discern in Chinese history, affectionately being dubbed as “Damo”.

In current-day China, Dong Lee is given the task of beginning a government-planned biological war in opposition to India, referred to as Operation Red. He arrives in Chennai and commences by means of injecting an endemic right into a pariah canine, with the virus being similar to the one which occurred throughout Bodhidharma’s length.

Meanwhile, Subha Srinivasan, a genetics scholar, discovers that Bodhidharma can be delivered lower back to life if his sample of DNA is matched with every other pattern of DNA. Coincidentally, she finds a matching pattern in Aravind, a descendant of Bodhidharma who’s operating as a circus artist. Lee reveals out approximately Subha’s task to revive Bodhidharma and plans to kill her first in order that the disease can’t be stopped.

Subha methods Aravind but starts offevolved to fall in love and spend time with him, forgetting about her challenge. One day, Aravind’s own family sees Subha and honestly recollects that she visited them a yr before to find Aravind and understand all approximately him for the Bodhidharma research.

Saving herself, she lies by using saying that she does not realize them. Later that night, Aravind’s uncle explains all what occurred 365 days before after they met Subha. Aravind goes and meets Subha and is enraged upon realising the reality. However, the following day, he reconciles with Subha in a love failure mood and has the same opinion to make contributions to the research and as a result store the united states of america. The studies starts offevolved of giving lifestyles to Bodhidharma and to quit Operation Red. Lee, who’s capable of doing anything, does all impossibly bad matters, mastered in “Nokku Varmam” (hypnotism), a martial art which was clearly taught to the Chinese via Bodhidharma.

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