Aathavnichi Savali 2020 Marathi Full Movies Free Download 480p

Aathavnichi Savali 2020 Marathi Full Movies Free Download 480p

Aathavnichi Savali Marathi Movie Download 480p

Size: 300mb
Language: Marathi
Quality : Web-DL
Directed by Subodh Anand
Cast and Crew Subodh Anand, Ketan Bansod
Gayatri Dhole, Laxmi Borkar, Sayyoni Mishra

In a common man’s life, ‘memories’ are always treasured in the heart. Those memories often either give us happiness or even leave us depressed. The story ‘Shadow of Memories’ talks on the lines of such part of life. ‘Bablu’, a poor kid, lives ordinarily in a situation of poverty. Bablu’s life follows a straight path. Waking up in the morning – going for work – returning home is his daily routine. He is a boy who lives his life in a trance. He doesn’t like to mix among people. One day, during heavy rains,

he suddenly happens to see a flower fallen on road and Bablu, being delicate by mind, worries about the fallen flower. He takes the flower home and nurtures it as an infant. Now, the flower and Bablu become close friends. Bablu, being an introvert, doesn’t have anyone close in life. He didn’t even get to live a fair share of life with his mother or friends. Because of this, he starts sharing all his thoughts with the flower. And during his talk, he mentions a girl, his childhood friend. His childhood friend’s name is ‘Radhika’.

After telling tons of stories about Radhika, he realizes that the flower thinks all those stories are a lie. Then he uncovers all the treasured old memories out of a box, shows them to the flower and gets lost fully in the shadow of those memories. He remembers his childhood to the very detail, and while telling stories, even the night concludes unknown to Bablu. After some days, he takes the flower on a village tour. He introduces the flower to each mountain and hill that follows his path and at last brings it to the place where Radhika and Bablu shared their childhood days. He wholeheartedly chats with the flower sitting with it below a tree.

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