Churails 2020 Hindi Web Series season 1 480p Full HD

Churails Web Series 2020 Hindi S01 Complete 480p Download WEB-DL

Churails Web Series Free 480p Download

Drama, Mystery, Thriller | TV Series (2020)
Size: 1.9GB
Language: Hindi
Quality : Blu-Ray
Churails director: Asim Abbasi
Stars: Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimra Bucha
Churails cast: Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Meher Bano, Yasra Rizvi

While the churails going all Charlie’s Angels is good for some fun-and-games, the real strength of the series comes from getting up close and very personal with the women.

It’s payback time, folks. Churails, a ten-episode web series, gives us a Karachi-based band of women whose motto is to wreck revenge on the men who have made their lives miserable. Directed by Asim Abbasi, who made the engaging family drama Cake, Churails brims over with feisty, feminist, fast-paced fun. ‘Mard ko dard hoga’, they promise. And that’s exactly what they deliver.

Meet the foursome which forms the core of the group. On the face of it, Sara (Sarwat Gilani) has a perfect life. Perfect spouse, house, staff, kids, pots of money. But she wants more. She wants to be herself. Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi) is a high-profile events manager, aka Pakistan’s ‘Kim Kardashian’, according to a couple of her catty pals. She’s rich, single, and doesn’t mingle. Her best friend is a silver hip flask, her sultry beauty embellished by the kind of designer jumpsuits only the gym-ready bods of the very wealthy can wear without looking silly. Batul (Nimra Bucha) is a middle-aged jail veteran, having spent twenty years inside for murder. She’s now out, and in search of purpose. And Zubaida (Meher Bano), the youngest, wants to break free from her traditional family. She wants to flirt with her boyfriend when she is not boxing, which, she says, gives her joy.

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