Dracula III- Legacy 2005 Hindi Download Dual Audio 300mb BluRay

Dracula III - Legacy (2005) Hindi Download Dual Audio 300mb BluRay 480p

Dracula III – Legacy Hindi Download Dual Audio 300mb BluRay 480p

Size: 300mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality : BluRay
Initial release: 2005
Director: Patrick Lussier
Film series: Dracula 2000
Screenplay: Patrick Lussier, Joel Soisson
Writers: Joel Soisson, Patrick Lussier
Stars: Jason Scott Lee, Stephen Billington, Diane Neal
Music director: Marco Beltrami, Kevin Kliesch, Ceiri Torjussen

Five years after the events of Dracula II: Ascension, Father Uffizi and Luke discover that Dracula has returned with Elizabeth to his castle in the Carpathian Mountains. However, fearing that Uffizi has been tainted by Dracula, Cardinal Siqueros refuses to give Uffizi his blessing for the mission. Uffizi defrocks himself and sets out with Luke to Bucharest.

Romania has been devastated by a civil war, and NATO peacekeepers line the streets. In an abandoned village, Uffizi and Luke find a crashed helicopter containing a news reporter, Julia, and her cameraman. The cameraman is turned by the vampire clowns terrorising the village, but all are destroyed by Uffizi and Luke. They leave Julia but are soon lured into a rebel trap. They find Julia with the rebels, refusing to return to England with nothing but a story on vampires.

The undead attack the rebel base during the night, but Uffizi, Luke and Julia survive, proceeding to Dracula’s castle. There they find Elizabeth, almost totally turned to Dracula’s way of life. Dracula mortally wounds Julia and tells Uffizi that only through God’s forgiveness can he truly die, but Uffizi engages the ancient vampire in a duel and ultimately destroys him by first biting him and draining him of his blood, then beheading him, announcing that he should consider himself forgiven. Meanwhile, Luke, on her request, beheads Elizabeth. Luke leaves the castle, while Uffizi sits on Dracula’s throne, with Julia revived as a vampire. The film ends with the implication that Uffizi succeeds Dracula as the vampire lord with Julia as his Queen.

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