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Marlin is a clownfish who lives in an anemone within the Great Barrier Reef. His wife, Coral, and maximum of their eggs are killed in a barracuda attack. Only one broken egg stays, which Marlin names Nemo. Years later, Marlin is overprotective of Nemo. On Nemo’s first day of faculty, Marlin embarrasses Nemo, and the 2 combat.

Finding Nemo (2003) Hindi -Tamil - Telugu - Eng Full Movie Download 400mb BDRip 480p

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Size: 500mb
Language: Hindi + English + Telugu + Tamil
Quality : BDRip
Release date: 30 May 2003 (USA)
Director: Andrew Stanton
Music by: Thomas Newman
Produced by: Graham Walters

While Marlin is speakme to Nemo’s teacher, Nemo defiantly approaches a nearby speedboat, where he’s captured by a couple of scuba divers. Marlin pursues the boat in useless and meets Dory, a blue tang who suffers from acute short-term memory loss, who offers her help. The two stumble upon three sharks who’ve sworn to abstain from ingesting fish. Marlin discovers a diver’s mask that fell from the boat; he by chance hits Dory with it, giving her a nosebleed. The scent sends one of the sharks into a feeding frenzy, but they flee after by accident placing off a ring of vintage naval mines, which knock Marlin and Dory unconscious.

Nemo is positioned in an aquarium in the office of dentist Philip Sherman in Sydney, Australia. He meets the “Tank Gang”, which includes yellow tang Bubbles, starfish Peach, cleaner shrimp Jacques, blowfish Bloat, royal gramma Gurgle, and damselfish Deb, led through Gill, a Moorish idol. Nemo learns he is to accept to Sherman’s niece, Darla, who has killed her preceding fish. Gill devises a volatile break out plan: Nemo, who can match inside the aquarium’s filter tube, will jam the filter with a pebble, forcing Sherman to put the fish into plastic luggage even as he cleans the tank, giving them the opportunity to roll out the window and into the harbor. Nemo tries the maneuver, however fails and is nearly killed.

Marlin and Dory awaken unhurt, but the masks falls right into a deep trench. They descend after it and stumble upon an anglerfish which chases them. Dory memorizes the address written on the goggles, and they escape. Dory and Marlin obtain guidelines from a school of moonfish, however Marlin disregards them to take what he believes is a safer path. They stumble into a wooded area of jellyfish, the stings of which knock them subconscious. They wake up within the East Australian Current with a group of sea turtles along with Crush and his son, Squirt. Marlin tells them about his quest, and the story is relayed throughout the ocean to Sydney where a pelican, Nigel, tells the Tank Gang. Inspired through his father’s bravery, Nemo makes every other try to jam the filter out and succeeds, and soon the aquarium is covered in green algae.

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