High (2020) Hindi 480p S01 Complete Mx Player Free Download

High (2020) Hindi 480p S01 Complete Mx Player Free Download

High 2020 Hindi Complete Web Series Download

Size: 1.4GB
Language: Hindi
Quality : WEB-DL
Language: Hindi
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Web Series
Actor: Akshay Oberoi, Ranvir Shorey, Mrinmayee Godbole, Prakash Belawadi, Shweta Basu Prasad, Nakul Bhalla, Kunal Naik

Is there a wonder drug that can save the world? That’s the premise of High, which gives us a-search-and-a momentous-discovery, and its far-reaching consequences, spread over a few decades, and an assortment of colourful, interested parties.

It’s a smart hook, and High, directed by Nikhil Rao, has a bunch of interesting actors in play. Akshay Oberoi has lead billing as a good-hearted druggie, who fetches up with a secret group (Prakash Belawadi, Nakul Bhalla, Shweta Basu Prasad) which is busy stirring up a potion with the potential to, gasp, change everything. Ranged on the other side is an ambitious representative of Evil Pharma, and her trigger-happy associate (Ranvir Shorey), plus several dealers, goons and mobsters. A few civilians are around as well, just to give us a break from all the shooting up, snorting, and the spraying of bullets.

So here’s the good stuff, and I’m not talking of the piles of powder going up addicted noses. The series has atmosphere, and a distinctive colour palette: the flashbacks, which take place in the early 70s, are in B&W, and the idealistic group on the trail of a magic plant tramps around dense jungles. Present-day locations range from TV studios, to picturesque rehab centres nestling in the hills, to the hide-outs of noble so-called Naxals, to nightclubs and raves where bad things happen, and villains’ dens which remind you of 70s flicks.

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