I Killed Bapu 2023 Hindi Full Movies 1080p WEBRip

I Killed Bapu 2023 Hindi

I Killed Bapu 2023 Hindi Full Movies 1080p

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Review: One of the most contentious issues in India after independence is the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. In the extended speech that follows Nathuram Godse’s arrest and court appearance, “I Killed Bapu” concentrates only on Godse’s reasons for killing Mahatma Gandhi.

This strategy wears out over time from a cinematic standpoint. The movie is easily perceived as a forum for those who defend the assassination due to its poor production value and dubious editing methods. To be honest, the filmmakers may have been able to accomplish their goal more successfully if this movie had been made as a documentary.

Nathuram Godse kills Mahatma Gandhi in the opening scene of the movie after briefly speaking with him to share his viewpoint before he is shot to death. The focus of the story then changes to the courtroom when Godse is permitted to make his own case. What follows is a protracted monologue in which Nathuram makes an effort to defend the need of the assassination in light of the circumstances that developed following the partition.

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