Modi Kaka Ka Gaon 2017 Hindi Full Movies Download 480p

Modi Kaka Ka Gaon 2017 Hindi Full Movies Download 480p

Modi Kaka Ka Gaon Full Movie Download

Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi
Quality : WebRip
Initial release: 29 December 2017
Director: Tushar Amrish Goel
Writer Akhand
Stars Zeba HussainZeba Anjum KausarChandramani Mishra

A movie made with a very good motive to assist someone or display them in an excellent light can emerge as affecting that very man or woman, adversely. ‘Modi Kaka Ka Gaon’ is a great example of the sort of situation.

In the movie, Prime Minister Nagendra (Vikas Mahante) receives elected and begins cleaning up the machine. The film displays on how, beneath his governance, no longer a unmarried bad aspect has affected India. As a sub plot, we see an sincere collector Sarvagya (Chandramani) arrive in Rampur and take fee of affairs.

His most important nemesis is the local baby-kisser Pappu Bihari (Phool Jha) who usurps villager’s land and wants Sarvagya to paintings with him. As a lower back-tale, Sarvagya is orphaned while his debt-ridden father gets a heart attack and is adopted by using the local trainer. The instructor has a daughter, too, named Chavi.

He loses both the youngsters while floods hit his village. So, while Sarvagya is taken in via an orphanage, Chavi is literally simply picked up from the lake by using an American journalist who takes her again to the states and rechristens her as Sheena (Zeba Khan). On a lark, she returns again to India, to her village, so she will be able to assist the development there.

Suddenly, Sheena will become a journo-cum-sleuth and facts Pappu Bihari discussing another corrupt plot and informs Sarvagya about it. The paintings to punish the corrupt officers as PM Nagendra works tirelessly and introduces Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, plans surgical moves and offers the very last salvo; demonetisation.

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