The Crown 2019 Season 2 All Episodes in Hindi – English 480p

The Crown Season 2 All Episodes Download in Hindi - English 480p 2019

The Crown Season 2 All Episodes Download in Hindi – English 480p 2019

Drama, History
TV Series (2019)
Size: 2GB
Language: Hindi – English
Quality: WEBRip (480p)
Location(s): United Kingdom
No. of episodes: 20 (list of episodes)
Awards: Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama

There’s a part of me that wants to dislike The Crown, this slavish devotional to an outmoded institution increasingly unpopular in its own country, if still an object of some fascination in ours. Why should we be venerating these leeches and layabouts, this vestigial symbol of arrogant empire? There’s something annoying about the show, its almost meta obliviousness. It’s quite like Queen Elizabeth II herself: imperiously, ruthlessly dedicated to the preservation of the old ways.

Yet despite all that, I find the show pretty bloody compelling. I’m not rooting for Elizabeth (Claire Foy), exactly. And I certainly don’t care for her husband, Prince Philip (Matt Smith). I’m intrigued by Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), but mostly because I’ve heard that she was a sort of glorious mess in real life, and some men of my, ahem, persuasion are just drawn to that sort of thing.

I wouldn’t call the finely drawn characters on The Crown heroes, but they’re not antiheroes either. They’re just wealthy house cats, batting around expensive balls, bumping up against the roiling mid-century before drowsily retiring to the palace. It sounds dull, maybe, but it isn’t. It’s often fascinating, watching how creator and royals obsessive Peter Morgan reconciles the facts of the real world with his fantasy.

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