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The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Hindi Dual Audio Download

The Forbidden Kingdom Hindi Dual Audio Download

Size: 300mb
Language: Hindi – English
Quality: BluRay
Release date: 2 May 2008 (India)
Director: Rob Minkoff
Languages: English, Standard Mandarin, Standard Cantonese

South Boston teenager Jason Tripitikas is a fan of martial arts films and awakens from a dream of a battle between the Monkey King and celestial soldiers in the clouds. He visits a pawn shop in Chinatown to buy wuxia DVDs and discovers a golden staff. On his way home, Tripitikas is harassed by some hooligans, whose leader Lupo attempts to use him to help them rob the shop-owner Hop, who is shot by Lupo. Hop tells Tripitikas to deliver the staff to its rightful owner and Tripitikas flees with the staff. He is cornered on the rooftop before being pulled off the roof by the staff.

When Tripitikas regains consciousness, he finds himself in a village in ancient China that is under attack by armored soldiers. The soldiers see his staff and attempt to seize it. He is saved by the inebriated traveling scholar Lu Yan, a supposed “immortal,” who remains alert and agile even when drunk. Lu tells him the story of the rivalry between the Monkey King and the Jade Warlord. The Warlord tricked the King into setting aside his magic staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang, and transformed the immortal into a stone statue, but the King cast his staff far away before the transformation. Lu ends the tale with a prophecy about a “Seeker” who will find the staff and free the King. Just then, they are attacked by the Warlord’s men again, but manage to escape with the help of Golden Sparrow, a young woman whose family was murdered by the Warlord.

Meanwhile, the Warlord, upon learning about the staff, sends the witch Ni-Chang to help him retrieve it in exchange for the elixir of immortality. Tripitikas, Lu and Sparrow meet the Silent Monk who joins them in their quest to free the King. As the four travel to Five Elements Mountain, Lu and the Monk teach Tripitikas kung fu along the way. After crossing a desert, they encounter Ni Chang. Ni Chang offers to return Tripitikas home in exchange for the staff. When Tripitikas refuses, a battle ensues. Ni Chang fires an arrow which mortally wounds Lu. Tripitikas’s team escapes and takes refuge in a monastery, where they learn that Lu is not an immortal as he claimed to be, and only the Warlord’s elixir can save his life. Tripitikas goes to the Warlord’s palace alone to exchange the staff for the elixir.

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