U Turn 2016 Full Movie Download in Hindi Kannada 480p WEBRip

Rachana (Shraddha Srinath), an intern, with The Indian Express, a daily newspaper, is running on an article at the incidents at a Bangalore flyover. She also has a weigh down on the crime reporter Aditya, whose help she seeks for studies material on injuries at the flyover. She reveals that each day some motorists move the concrete blocks that partition the street just to take a brief U-flip and avoid the traffic.

U Turn 2016 Full Movie Download in Hindi Kannada 480p WEBRip

U Turn Movie Download in Hindi 480p

Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi + Kannada
Quality : WEBRip
Release date: 20 May 2016 (India)
Director: Pawan Kumar
Music by: Poornachandra Tejaswi
Distributed by: Netflix

They don’t move them returned and the blocks are left to lie randomly on the road leading to many injuries. A homeless man sitting at the flyover notes down the vehicle numbers of commuters who violate the rule of thumb to take the U-flip and gives the listing to Rachana. She obtains the details of the culprits the usage of her contact in the traffic branch, with the aim of confronting them for his or her “short-cut” and writing an editorial for the paper. Her try to meet the primary man or woman on the listing goes in vain.

Later the equal day, the police take her into custody and accuse her of killing the identical character she desired to fulfill. She is bowled over and tells her facet of the tale. Though the senior police officer rejects it, sub-inspector Nayak reveals it plausible and does a few research. It is found out that each one the folks Rachana has on her listing have devoted suicide. They additionally noticed that they have got dedicated suicide the same day they took the incorrect “u-turn”. Rachana and Nayak discover another quantity has been referred to by the homeless man that is to be added to Rachana the next day. The duo trace the deal with and try and rescue the person, a lawyer, who has taken the u-activate the identical day. As nothing seems suspicious, both depart simplest to come upon the very dying of the attorney whom they came to rescue.

Later Rachana attempts to confront the homeless man for the injuries in the fly-over. Meanwhile, she sees two younger guys violate the U-Turn and reviews it to Nayak. Nayak locks them up in an old Police lock-as much as shop them. But they start preventing and ultimately die under the nose of the police.

With no way of locating the actual reason of the loss of life of the culprits, Rachana herself takes the wrong u-turn and waits for some thing to occur. The one who has been killing the culprits is a lady named Maya, due to the fact she and her daughter Aarna died in an coincidence because of the concrete roadblocks that have been moved via the culprits with the intention to make way for their u-turn. Using her supernatural powers, Maya attempts to kill Rachana as well. But Rachana promises to discover the person that was liable for Maya’s demise. Maya concurs. Rachana, with the assist of Nayak, attempts to locate the person who moved the blocks at the day of Maya’s coincidence. They find out the phone quantity and deal with of the guy who moved the block. Rachana writes this on a balloon and leaves it on the flyover for Maya to locate. She then invitations her boyfriend Aditya for dinner.

During dinner she attempts to call the number she located out earlier. It seems to be Aditya’s work cellular quantity. Devastated she confronts Aditya and informs him that because of his negligence a mom and daughter lost their lives. Aditya says it changed into no longer him who made the U-flip. He simply exchanged his bike along with his buddy. In the very last twist, it’s miles revealed that the guy who moved the block turned into Maya’s own husband. Maya’s ghost is waiting in Aditya’s residence to kill him when Maya’s husband whom Rachna has knowledgeable about the events turns up and explains to Maya that it became due to him that they lost their lives. He then tries to dedicate suicide by using leaping from the balcony. Maya’s ghost saves him and tells him that his punishment is to suffer on this world with out his spouse and daughter.

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