Web Series RejctX 2020 ZEE5 Hindi S02 Complete HD 480p WEBRip

Web Series RejctX (2020) Hindi S02 Complete 480p ZEE5 WEBRip

Web Series RejctX (2020) Hindi S02 Complete 480p ZEE5 WEBRip

Mystery, Thriller
Size: 500MB
Language: Hindi
Quality : WEB-DL
TV Mini-Series (2019–2020)
Stars: Sumeet Vyas, Anisha Victor, Ahmed Masi Wali

Goldie Behl’s ZEE5 Original show Rejctx is a coming-of-age campus show that addresses various concerns — body-shaming, gender fluidity, and dysfunctional familie to name a few. With a noble premise and a motley group of high-school students, Behl’s show held a lot of promise. Sadly, however, Rejctx comes across as little more than Student of the Year on steroids.

Rejctx introduces its key players— Aarav Sharma (Ahmed Masi Wali), the rich kid with an influential father and an ailing mother; Kiara Tiwary (Anisha Victor), the computer genius coding apps and making Virtual Reality games with a blink of an eye; Sehmat Ali (Saadhika Syal), the Muslim fencing champion struggling with gender identity; Maddy (Ayush Khurrana), the basketball champ with a penchant for receiving blowjobs; Parnomitra Ray (Ridhi Khakhar), the Regina George (what is a high-school show without a li’ll bit of Mean Girls reference!) of the school; Misha (Pooja Shetty), the hair-brained selfie-taker made fun of by her peers for her English accent; Harry (Prabhneet Singh), the wisecracking troublemaker; and Steve, the primary antagonist and Parnomitra’s boyfriend.

Rejctx begins at an underground music competition. Eight months into the new school, the students have formed a band and are ready to show off their talent at the music fest. All is well till Aarav goes completely incognito. To top that off, a dead body with a noose around its neck drops from nowhere on the stage. The mystery thickens — but before it can completely dissolve you into its suspense, you are plunged back to the first day of their school, where the enthusiastic vice-principal (Sumeet Vyas) is introducing the freshers to the Jefferson World School.

Parallel narratives are creative choices that makers take in order to tell their story in the most effective manner possible. In this case, though, this creative choice interferes with the narrative itself. We are informed that Kiara is not fond of Aarav, as she continually tries to jeopardise his stay at the school. We are also told that Parnomitra does not indulge with this Indian crowd and often talks down to her peers. However, in the parallel storyline, we witness that these students have formed a bond so strong that they have even founded a band together. If the motive of the story is to chart out how these mortal enemies become dear friends, then by presenting the viewers with the resolution, i.e, them being friends right at the get-go, defeats the purpose of the intrigue.

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